Verona, Inter, Atalanta and Torino have been changed this weekend and Italy’s Prime Minister says there’s not any guarantee matches will proceed next week.

Serie A soccer has taken a back seat after Italy became the European nation worst hit by the coronavirus.

There have been 152 reported cases, and quarantine restrictions are put in place in the Veneto and Lombardy regions, near to big cities Milan and Venice.

Many lives, schools, events, and businesses are affected by the outbreak, and approximately 50,000 people are stuck where they are for at least two weeks.

Concerns obviously lie with those affected, and as a result four Serie A matches are postponed.

Atalanta vs Sassuolo, Inter vs Sampdoria, Torino vs Parma and Verona vs Cagliari were cancelled on Sunday.

Games will be redeemed for any available midweek slots, but for Atalanta and Inter, who are still involved in Europe, this could pose some issues.

This could particularly be the case for Inter, who are still involved with the Coppa Italia, and their game against Sampdoria could even been delayed until the last days of the year.

“I don’t feel that in one week we’ll have the ability to slow down the disease enough to permit us to resume sporting events,” stated the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte.

“We will constantly monitor the situation as a result of the work of the technicians and specialists, and then we’ll evaluate.

“At the moment I can not say if we’ll continue with the very same steps next week.”

Inter’s Europa League meeting Ludogorets on Thursday is likely to be played, but may possibly be behind closed doors, or even in a neutral ground.

Ludogorets have asked UEFA and Inter to describe the situation for the 600 or so fans they expect to travel from Bulgaria for the match in Italy.

Matches in danger next week include Juventus vs Inter, Milan vs Genoa, Sassuolo vs Brescia, and Parma vs SPAL.

Other games affected include Cremonese vs Ascoli in Serie B, and Piacenza vs Sambenedettese in Serie C, even though quite a few Serie D and amateur games in the areas were also called off.

There’s also the chance that the situation could change for the worse and for the better, and the government will continue to monitor the situation, putting people’s safety.