Let’s have a little overview regarding the Champions League draw. As internazionaleanalysis.com indicates, after the draw England retained all four teams. With a noticeable margin: Liverpool, Man City, Man United came out from the first place, Chelsea were also close, but in the sixth round they dropped to the second position by 90 + 4 after 3: 3 with Zenit. To bet on Champions League matches, check out Australian rules football betting.

Spain suffer losses, with only Real and Atlético making their way to the eighth. Barcelona will not be for the first time since the 2003/04 season (then the Catalans did not even qualify for the Champions League), and Sevilla lost to Salzburg in the decisive game and flew to the Europa League (classic). It remains to wait for Villarreal – you need not to lose away against Atalanta.

Italy has a similar picture, with two clubs (Inter and Juventus) stepping into the Euros spring with confidence, Milan providing many highlights but finishing fourth. Atalanta is tuning in to Villarreal.

Germany is in the worst position – only Bayern will be in the 1/8 Champions League. Dortmund and Leipzig fell from third places to the Europa League, Wolfsburg have already finished the Euro season, finishing in fourth place.

Inter head coach Simone Inzaghi has commented on the results of the round of 16 draw for the UEFA Champions League. The Italian team will face Liverpool at this stage of the tournament.

“The result of the first draw was not the best for us, but the re-draw was definitely worse. We will think about it in February. We will do our best, ”Football Italia quotes Inzaghi.

Let us remind you that in the first draw, Inter got Ajax from Amsterdam. The draw was later canceled as former Russian footballer Andrei Arshavin drew the ball to Villarreal’s rivals against English Manchester United, a team that faced the Spanish club in the group stage of the tournament. Therefore, they could not play against each other in the 1/8 finals, and the draw was held again.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has commented on the results of the Champions League round of 16 draw. The draw had to be repeated due to a technical error. Initially, Liverpool went to Salzburg, but in the end, the British will play against Inter.

“I had to wait 54 years to play at San Siro for the first time (Liverpool met Milan in the group stage – Championship note), and now it will happen twice in three months, so these are good news! In general, everything is good.

Of course, this is definitely a tough opponent. They are leading in Italy, a good team that is doing well. Let’s see what happens before February. Obviously, we know Sanchez and Dzeko well, and Lautaro Martinez is probably one of the brightest strikers in the world. Simone Inzaghi has been coaching them for their first year, they were champions last year.

It’s never easy for Liverpool, everything is possible, we’ll see. This is a real Champions League, so it’s okay, I’m looking forward to the matches.

Was it necessary to carry out a new draw? Definitely. I watched it and thought: “It is impossible for everything to remain the same, it is simply impossible.” They definitely needed to do it all over again, “the Liverpool website quoted Klopp as saying.