Where do dreams start? As soon as we wake up, it is hard to consider the exact moment once the pictures began to help keep us firm in our sleeping. But we understand when they are no more there, frequently because we are suddenly jolted back awake.

But ten decades before, the fantasy that no one had dared to dream before started in a definite way. In a precise instant in time. The build-up was long, exhausting and thrilling, even maybe slightly daunting. Ten decades before, on 5 May 2010, the first of three building blocks required to change the most unthinkable fantasy into everlasting reality required to be set in place. Timeless.

The Stadio Olimpico was the place, Inter vs. Roma at the Coppa Italia final was that the fixture. Nerves were large. Both teams were vying to win the Scudetto name. It was, hence, constantly likely to be performed with a competitive advantage. Sneijder learnt this the hard way, using the Dutchman carrying a hit less than a minute on the clock and then being substituted by Balotelli.

Inter appeared to make their mark fast with absolutely implemented attacking manoeuvres. Maicon was the very first to telephone Julio Sergio into actions, while Milito fired beyond the goalkeeper not long afterwards. Nevertheless, it did not count. Offside was the verdict, so it remained 0-0. Additionally protecting the Inter target was that the centre-back pairing of Cordoba and Materazzi. This was before the Colombian was compelled off until the half-time whistle. Samuel arrived in his position.

Two enforced modifications but no anxiety, regardless of the tackles that were flying. It had been like a cut created by the renowned Italian artist Lucio Fontana, a blue and black slash which stretched across half of the pitch. Thiago Motta recovered ownership, threading the ball with the exterior of the left foot at the procedure. The beneficiary had been The Prince, Diego Milito, who latched on the ball, ran ahead and, together with power and technique, found the web with artistic genius.

Seeing it back, there is still this strange nagging notion that he is likely to be stopped or caught. However, no. He was not. The ball remained glued to his toes, desperate efforts to deny him to no avail. Magnificent. Cue wild celebrations as he raced towards the Nerazzurri fans in pleasure.

This Inter vs. Roma showdown was not for its faint-hearted. An action-packed next half performed in a much greater intensity followed. The battles raged all around the playground, chances were made, and also the fouls and cards totted up. There were also a variety of scares. The Nerazzurri failed their own attacking setup too and compile numerous fantastic group attacks, such as the one that setup Balotelli to get a shooting chance. Rather than forgetting a few eye-catching individual minutes, such as Eto’o’s lung-busting burst to the box.

Totti was sent off as tempers flared at a tense atmosphere, together with unsavoury scenes too after the last whistle.

About 5 May 2010, Zanetti raised the Nerazzurri’s first time Coppa Italia trophy from the rain in Rome. The jigsaw puzzle was launched, but two pieces were needed to finish it.