The former Premier League star is trapped indoors but knows that he must take precautions following exposure to the novel Coronavirus.

Romelu Lukaku has lifted the lid on what life is like as an Inter participant under quarantine and revealed that he was close to a move for their Serie A competitions Juventus when departing Manchester United last summer.

The Belgium international and his Nerazzuri teammates shot on Juventus ahead of the suspension of Serie A and played Daniele Rugani in that game. Rugani then tested positive for Covid-19 and that identification and their proximity to him delivered the Inter squad into lockdown.

Lukaku states that being separated from his family was a real battle, but the team is still caring for him.

“I almost went mad one day. I can not go out, I can not go shopping. I am locked up in the home. I miss everyday life, being with my mother, with my brother and son,” he told Ian Wright at a video interview.

“I am with my physiotherapist, they bring me food daily. At noon lunch arrives on time, I eat fish and veggies.

“They provided me with an exercise bicycle. I asked in our group chat who had one at home and after two hours they brought one to all us”

Despite his frustrations, the 26-year-old knows the significance of the precautions he and his teammates are being asked to take.

His mom has diabetes, placing her at a high-risk group, and he knows he should not expose her to the deadly virus.

“You must be cautious. My mom, as an instance, has diabetes, so that I can not even go home and touch her.”

Both strikers didn’t only talk about the pandemic and when the subject turned to soccer the prior Chelsea striker admitted that he was a Juventus goal but said his heart was always put on Inter and linking up with trainer Antonio Conte.

“The Nerazzurri were my favorite team for a child due to Adriano, Ronaldo and Christian Vieri, with whom I now have an exceptional relationship,” Lukaku revealed.

“Conte already wanted me at Chelsea, I have not had any doubts and because I arrived in Milan I’ve focused on training and on returning to the very best form.”